Phones turning to netbooks are obsolete

Published on 02 March 2011

I’ve read Ars review on the Motorola Axis.

While it seems to be a really cool phone, the whole “your phone turns into a laptop” thing seams completely obsolete to me. It comes from a time when your data was on one device and couldn’t be transfered easily to an other. The future present is all about having your data on the cloud. If not purely on the cloud, at least synchronized: contacts/calendar in Google, files in Dropbox, todo list in Flow, RTM or other…

If your data is on the cloud, you can access it from anywhere: your phone, a desktop computer borrowed at the local library… So what do you get from having your phone turning into a netbook, compared to buying a separate netbook? Nothing (same price, same size), but you loose a lot.

  • You can’t use both at the same time
  • You’re limited in the choice of the netbook
  • You’re sucking battery life from your phone when you use the netbook

I have to say, however, that having the phone work as a media center just by plugging it by HDMI is purely genius: it doesn’t take more space in your bag, but it sounds awesome to bring your movies to a hotel or to a friends’ place not equipped with a media center.

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