New domain name

Published on 01 February 2011

As you can see, I just changed the domain name of this blog from to That means that if you’re using my feed to read this, you should update your reader to the new feed. Currently and for the 2 months left on there is a redirect on each page so no link is broken (yet).

So, why the change? Several reasons, mostly due to the fact that .jp domain are a major PITA. It was cool to have Japanese tld but:

  • It’s expensive: more than €70 a year vs €12 for a generic tld.
  • Even the change of owner is expensive (€50 just to change the name of the owner!)
  • You need an address in Japan. It’s fine for me because I have inlaws there, but that’s relevant for the next point.
  • The policy of .JP requires you to publish your real name and address. My current registrar manages somehow to provide this service, but that means I’m stuck with this registrar I don’t like (their site sucks, I can’t use non-Japanese credit cards and they spam me all the time) and can’t move to one I like.
  • Google thinks my blog is in Japanese, and this affect my rank on English queries

Finally, I realized having a generic domain name like Caffeine Lab is more convenient than having a “my real name” domain. A domain is supposed to be a place, not a person. So if I want to roll out a service on a subdomain, it looks better with a generic domain name than with my name. And if I want an email address on this domain, having the person name in the right part of the address is plain weird - what I am supposed to put in the left part?

So here we go - my blog URL is I will keep a .JP domain for my wife. Unlike this blog it makes sense because hers is in Japanese, and she got her usual nickname on the tld of her country so that’s pretty cool.

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