What I've been up to: Zenexity, Play

Published on 30 November 2009

Busy as I was, I realized I didn’t blog about my recent employment change. I left Yoono 2 months ago to join a company called Zenexity (site in French). It’s really cool because after Flock and Yoono that were very similar (consumer oriented/social mashup/Mozilla technologies), I get to work on really different stuff: more server-side, and more business oriented. But still with a strong R&D component, and it’s something that really motivated me to get on board with Zenexity: they’re independent because they earn their own money (e.g. don’t live on VC money) but still spend a lot of effort in R&D projects. Projects for customers also are really state-of-the-art of the web.

Specifically, they (I mean “we”) have an Open Source project called the Play! Framework. It’s an MVC framework similar to Django or Ruby on Rails, in Java. Within the Java world, I think it’s pretty disruptive. It contrasts from bloated stacks, and manages to provide simplicity and productivity to Java web development. Also, it speaks the language of the web by making it easy to create RESTful web apps, pretty URLs and web services.

Here is a screencast I did last month for the 1.0 release.

A web app in 10 minutes using Play! from zenexity on Vimeo.

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