Japanese Input now built-in in Android

Published on 23 September 2009

I recently installed the SDK for Android, Google's OS for mobile phone. I've been following that since it was released; I'm pretty attracted by the platform but when I bought my last phone, Android was not really there yet.

One of my requirement is to be able to input Japanese. Currently a Google search about Japanese input will give you mostly links to some third party hack who get you there, but with a clunky interface. Well, I was happy to see in the SDK's emulator that Android has support for Japanese input built in! You can select it by going to Menu->Settings->Locale & Text.

Japanese Input in Android 1.5

Now, that doesn't tell me if I will be able to access it on an Android phone. Sometimes makers and phone operators are known to rip off parts of the OS or add crap for no good reason. If you have an Android phone, I'd love to hear what maker/model it is and whether you do have alternate input methods included.

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