Building Chrome/Chromium Extensions

Published on 16 September 2009

Seeing the progress done by Chromium on Linux, I wanted to implement an equivalent of a Firefox extension that I like: automatically generating QR Code to send a link to my phone easily.

[caption id=”attachment_453” align=”aligncenter” width=”507” caption=”QRChrome Extension”]QRChrome Extension[/caption]

So far, here is what I have been able to do:

  • Add a page action icon in the URL bar
  • Open a new tab with the QR Code for the URL you want

It seems straight-forward but the browser don’t seem to behave exactly as documented, and I didn’t found anyway to debug - at least on Linux. I assume it works better on Windows.

Here is what I want to do before the extension can be really useful:

  • Just like the Mobile Barcoder, Show a popup on hover rather than opening a new tab.
  • Add a item in the link context menu, so the user can generate a code from a link - not just from the URL bar. Useful for download links.
  • Package the extension! That may sound stupid, but extensions are packaged from Chrome directly - and it doesn’t work on Linux. It’s not something you can do from command line… Well, actually you can package from command line but using the Chrome binary and that doesn’t work either

PS: The feed icon is a sample extension from Google. I don’t understand why it’s not in the core.

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