Kiyoshiro Imawano

Published on 03 August 2009

I recently learned that Kiyoshiro Imawano died last May, from a cancer at age 58. Most people outside Japan don’t know him, but he was a very famous and very controversial pop singer. He was unique, talented, funny and sometimes engaged.

He is famous for his punk version of the Japanese National anthem Kimi ga Yo, that became banned and can no longer be aired on Japanese media. That reminded me of Gainsbourg’s reggae version of La Marseillaise, very controversial too.

What I want to share today is a song about North Korea. To a US audience the part about world peace may sound a bit cheesy, but you have to understand that how Japanese people hate North Korea. For most Japanese thinking about friendship with North Korea is just insanity, and this is truly a courageous song.

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