Getting Started at Yoono

Published on 23 February 2009

I am now well in my first month at Yoono, and you can already play with my work by installing the last version from AMO. I have been working mostly on the Facebook integration in the friends widget. Here are some of the features I added:
  • Online presence and chat: no chat in the sidebar yet, but you can already see who is online from the sidebar and initiate a chat from there.
  • Contact sorting: at least for Facebook and Twitter, contacts are now sorted by last updated first
[caption id="attachment_348" align="aligncenter" width="126" caption="Online status for Facebook friends in the Yoono sidebar"]Online status for Facebook friends in the Yoono sidebar[/caption]
  • New activity types, from the new Facebook API: you are now notified when your friends post new notes or share links. With the thumbnail:
[caption id="attachment_349" align="aligncenter" width="232" caption="Shared Links"]Shared Links[/caption] There is much more coming for Yoono's friends widget in the next version. I can't tell anything for now (Yoono's development is not open), but stay tuned for the 5.5.0!
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