Heading Back to France

Published on 23 December 2008

After 7 years living outside of my home country, I decided to live back there... At least for a few years :) . I've been living for about 4 years in Tokyo to do my Ph. D. After that, I moved to the Silicon Valley to join Flock, at the time a tiny startup operating from a garage in Palo Alto. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Termie, Rockstar Programmer at the Original Flock HQ (by foolswisdom)"]Termie, Rockstar Coder at the Original Flock HQ[/caption] Today it's time for me to say goodbye to my friends at Flock, but I will never forget the 3 years spent working on the web browser. I've seen the company at various stages, growing from the days of the garage with the founders to a bigger team, split between two offices with a professional CEO. I've also had the chance to enjoy Northern California: the blue sky, the geek-friendly environment, the numerous tech-related events, the Japanese supermarkets, the burritos... More importantly, I've met with some really smart engineers from whom I've learned a lot, and it has been a real pleasure to work with them. I'm convinced that I'll stay in touch with these friends even living 9,000 km and 9 time zones away from the Valley. (And that's true for non-engineers too :) ) *** So as I said, I am moving to France and while I have great memories with Flock, it is also time for me to look forward. The good news is that I found a very exciting project to join, and I will start in that new company as soon as I land in Paris early next year. It's called Yoono, and the eponymous product is a browser extension with some similarities with Flock's own features. It's a great opportunity for me to keep one foot in the Mozilla community (the extension runs on Firefox) while still exploring new things such as extensibility on other browsers (Yoono runs on IE too) and server-side work (Yoono is coupled to a web service). If you were following what I was doing at Flock, you probably want to check out Yoono. It's really one of the most advanced browser extension out there.
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