AMO editor

Published on 12 August 2008

Update: since since entry is fairly well ranked on search engines, I thought I should link to this page explaining how to become an AMO editor (and what does an editor do). My application as a AMO editor has just been accepted! I will now be reviewing Firefox extensions and themes, for the benefit of users and developers. Extensibility is a killer feature of any product based on Mozilla technologies, but it's so powerful that it can be dangerous. Extensions can do whatever the hell they want, and that includes breaking a browser or do nasty things. The AMO editors must only show extensions that work correctly, don't break the browser, and don't invade the user's privacy. Especially after the launch of Firefox 3, most extension had to be ported, and a lot of new developers are coming to the platform, increasing the workload for AMO editors. I will be helping the AMO team to get quality addons in the front of users, while teaching developers what they should do to reach the quality level expected by AMO. Note that, while the technologies involved are the same, this is independent from my day job. I will be reviewing extensions as an individual, not as an employee of my employer.
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