What happened with wiki.flock.com

Published on 26 December 2007

Lloyd, your recent post about knowledge disappearing and Flock "destroying" documents was a bit harsh. Did you send an email to any of your ex-coworker to ask where all these articles went? There was a lot of useful information on wiki.flock.com, but honestly it was a messing. People have been dumping articles in it since the creation of the company and there were no clear structure. Since you knew that article existed, you would certainly have found it on the wiki, but the chance that someone new to it stumble upon the article you were talking about was very small. Even worse, the wiki was full of outdated articles that could be misleading. So, we decided to start with a clean base on http://developer.flock.com. We didn't destroy the articles from the old wiki. We all respect Vera and Eli, we don't have any reason to do so. The articles are archived internally, so we can pull relevant articles from it and re-publish them on http://developer.flock.com. I will have a look at the articles you mentioned and probably get them to dev.f.c.
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