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Published on 16 May 2007

Flickr is putting more and more restrictions on the free accounts (number of albums, number of photos...) so for my personal usage I've been looking around, and in particular played with Picasa web albums. The problem is that I've became very dependent of Flock's mediabar to insert images, as well as our photo uploader (that, by the way, is now my responsibility). So I can't really use Picasa if it's not supported by Flock. The Windows 95 looking Wine-powered Linux version of Picasa Desktop is really not an option. So I decided to look how hard it would be to add support for Picasa. We already have support for GData because we support Blogger, I thought. The Blogger accounts that you can configure in Flock is actually a Google account, so the authentication part is done. The API is homogenous, in both cases it's mostly Atom. That should be piece of cake. But diving into our our IDL files I've seen that we need to make a lot of cleanup and refactoring in the media module to make that work as easy as it should be.
  • We have both a flockIPhotoAPI and a flockIMediaWebService where it should only be one. flockIPhotoAPI is for media queries while flockIMediaWebService is to detect streams in a page
  • We still have a photoAPIManager that has a lot of logic that needs to be done by the webServiceManager
  • We have a flockIPhotoPeopleService interface that I don't understand the purpose very well
Unfortunately that can't happen for the 0.8.x series, but I really hope we'll find time for 0.9 to make a kick-ass API so a developer can, in one night, both learn how to add support for a new service and implement it.

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