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Published on 20 March 2007

I was reading Wikipedia today and tumbled on a page, where I saw something pretty common in Wikipedia:
Virtual Console (バーチャルコンソール, Bācharu Konsōru),
Virtual Console - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Bācharu Konsōru". This is completely stupid. Who had the great idea to take the Japanese phonetic version of English words, and translate it back into roman characters? And Who needs that anyway? Japanese people don't need romaji (they use them only for foreigners) and English-speakers definitely don't need much more than the English word itself. The katakana version can be informative ("original version") but I don't see the point of the bastardized English-to-katakana-to-romaji. I imagine that it's Wikipedia's concept of "don't delete, just add". But in this case this is stupid. That hurts my eyes and my brain each time I see it.

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