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Published on 21 January 2007

(This extension is for Flock Cormorant only - the unstable version of Flock) Just after Christmas, I started this extension as an experiment to see how hard it would be to put Flock's blog editor in the bottom. It turned up to be pretty easy and require very few lines of code: the back-end is the same, as well as the rich editor based on Gecko's <editor> widget. You can look at the source, it's pretty short.
The reason why I tried that is, of course, Performancing for Firefox. Performancing is a great extension for Firefox to help you to blog from your browser, just like Flock's blog editor. It is based onFlock. different choices, such as having the editor in the bottom rather than in a separate window like Flock. I personnally prefer to have the blog editor in a separate window, because the few blog posts I write are pretty long. But some people were asking for the editor in the bottom, and now I can understand why. I think having the editor in the bottom is convienient if you're writing a short blog about a specific page. The blog editor is quickly openned, the post quickly published and the editor quickly closed. Now, whatever you prefer, you can choose. Flock's blog editor in a separate window, Flock's blog editor in the bottom or even Performancing - it's compatible with Flock! PS: If you use Cormorant and the blog editor, be sure to check tones' great Blog Plus extension.

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