Status of the Blog Module

Published on 08 October 2006

In your comments to Will's recent post about your Top 10 Issues/Concerns, many of you have expressed remarks or expectations about the blog module. I would like to reassure our early users: while today's Flock is not specifically "the web browser for bloggers", the blog editor is still a core feature, under active development. I am determined to push the integration with other Flock's features to keep it on the top of the publishing tools for the desktop.

Here is a sneak peak at the upcoming blog editor:

A lot of cleanup and improvements have been done in the back-end. Atom 1.0 is supported, it is more extensible, and the compatibility with blogging platforms is still growing. However, a lot can still be done on the user interface to improve bloggers' experience and productivity.

So here is your occasion to give your opinion directly to the guy who will be implementing your pet features. Have no mercy for the current blog editor. What's missing? What's wrong or weird? What crazy idea do you have that could make it really cool?

Also, for blogging platforms compatibility, don't forget to help us building the blog compatibility list on the wiki. Have your platform listed here greatly increases the chances to have it supported and tested by our QA team.

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