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Published on 23 August 2006

Flock users following this blog probably already know about the mapper extension: that little topbar that Jesse and me hacked over a week-end to accumulate addresses using Yahoo! maps. Many users were happy with it, but that was not enough for the Flock user and developer Tony Farndon. He prefers Google Maps over Yahoo! Maps; as Open Source software is all about choice, he reused our code to develop an extension using Google Maps.

Have a Google topbar was cool - but Tony didn't stopped there. He added geotagging buttons to the photo uploader! You can choose one of your existing locations or a different one by dragging the map to specify where your photo has been taken. This feature is really cool, because rather than just providing access to a map, it allows the user to use his own favorites locations in a place where it makes sense (the photo uploader). Thank you, Tony. There is a number of things you can do with a geotagged image, for example if it is on Flickr you can use a bookmarklet to view the map. You can install the Google Maps topbar with photo geotagging, or see a screencast by Tony. ** This is great to see that from a third party developer, and a good occasion to remind to developers that all of our code is released under an Open Source licence (GPL, tri-licence GPL/LGPL/MPL for Mozilla code). That means that you're free to study it, reuse it and re-distribute your derivate work as soon as your work is under an Open Source licence (compatible with the GPL). You can release your work as an extension, or submit it to us as a patch. If you know Javascript, XML, just read about XUL and you too can make a difference!

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