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Published on 21 August 2006

Dear Flock users blogging on, As you maybe know, Google just released a beta of their blogging service Blogger. It offers a few new features, and still have some bugs; but more important as many of you noticed it is not supported by Flock's current release. Indeed, Flock uses the Atom API to publish to Blogger blogs, but Google seems to have dropped support for this API. The new blog do not advertise any API in their <head> field, and trying to use the good old API link ( did not work. By doing research on the problem today, I discovered a note on the Atom API Documentation announcing that the Atom API will be deprecated in favor to the Blogger/GData API. At Flock, we were as surprised as you to see this compatibility break. We recommand to use the current version of Blogger (not the beta) to be able to publish from Flock. We are sorry for all our users who are unable to use Flock to post to their Blogger beta blog, and are studying the APIs provided by the new beta to figure out the fastest way we can bring you full support for these blogs. Erwan Software Engineer - Blog Module Owner

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