New Blog Editor

Published on 12 April 2006

For Cardinal, we promised you a new blog module: simple, stable and reliable. You can find a beta version of this new blog module in the recent Flock Testing Downloads. Beta version means that the features are in place, but it's still rough on the edges and a few bugs are present. We have until Cardinal's release to make it better. blogeditor So, what's different in this release?
  • Simple: no blog topbar, no posts management: just a blog editor to publish to your blog.
  • Easy: categories moved to the "Publish" dialog, tags to an advanced section, leaving only the necessary tools in the post editor.
  • Reliable: posts are saved on the disk as html files, so there is no risk for you to loose data.
  • Extensible: the new XPCOM back-end makes it easier to add support for more blogging services; developer documentation will come. Additionally, a new rdf:flock-blog datasource allows an easy access to information stored by the blog editor.
What can you do to make the Flock blog module even better? That's simple: test it, report bugs and submit patches. In particular, try it with your favorite blog service. If something goes wrong, either at account creation or at post publication, fill a bug in the bugzilla. If your platform used to work with 0.5.x but is now broken in Cardinal, precise it in the report: it will go on the top of my priority list. Support every blog platform will take time, but by filling bugs today you increase your chances to get Cardinal working for your favorite blogging platform.

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